Company History

In 1999 Jack Copello had aspirations of mastering the craft of the electrical industry.
His desire stemmed from an incessant curiosity to understand how things worked.
He initially acquired training to become an electrician through other contractors
before being accepted into the SMJATC.

As Jack navigated through the challenges of the apprenticeship, he aggressively seeked to grasp a deeper
understanding of the material he was learning. On top of his standard field training, he spent countless
hours challenging himself, and taking on extra work beyond his normal day so he could become proficient
in many aspects of the field. This turned out to be a wise decision in the long run.

In early 2007, as the economy began to cripple, he was forced to make a major decision;
He could sit on the books and collect unemployment, or take charge of his life and dictate his own destiny.
Jack took a leap of faith and attained a contractors license and opened a corporation.

Copello Electric was formed in June of 2007 and he began to focus on bringing aboard the right combination
of talent to get his company off to a good start. He picked the brain of his several business mentors for advice
and started with a small group of guys that he could trust. The close relationships with his first employees
allowed for a level of trust and comradery that he had longed to experience working for other companies.

Jacks goal was to create a desirable atmosphere for his employees and to allow them to have a voice in the
daily decision making and direction of the company. Jack planned to build his company around customer service
and jovial employees. The next piece of the puzzle was simply to develop a business model and a duplicable
set of processes for expansion.

In 2009 Jack employed the next pieces of the puzzle that allowed for him to organize, strategize,
and spend time educating his employees. The business' revenue has grown 5 fold over the previous year.
He now has systems in place that will allow him to continue to put the customers needs first and maintain
affordability and profitability.

In the next few years Jack is planning expansion. His goal is to be accessible to the budgets and needs of homeowners,
contractors, and companies alike. Copello Electric plans to have no geographical limitations and will always makes it
easy for a client to afford the project they need completed